Monday, July 22, 2013

Salad vs. Juice

I am realizing that the only part of a salad I like, is the bread that comes with it.  

So, I have decided to stop forcing it since I can never make a salad as good as someone else can for me.

Yesterday at the farmer's market I bought a head of lettuce, kale, an apple, and some ginger to make juice out of all the ingredients in my Breville Juice Fountain Elite.
green juice. purdy visual.

  Juice, pour, sip..... done. 

Enough greens for the day, (prob even week!)   :)

Now, onto this photo!  How beautiful is this image by Becki Walker out of Bellingham Washington?!  I love the simple graphic treatment.  Found her by browsing pinterest, then came across this blog post and fell in love with the simple recipe overlays of these images!  She makes juicing look so simple and chic!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


We all have those times when we are so caught up in our daily lives and all the misfortunes that can happen as adults, that we have a hard time really accepting what we should be thankful for.  
But, I will do what I can to acknowledge 

I am thankful: 
  • that I have a strong support team of friends, family, and coworkers that stand beside me when needed and lift me up 
  • for my health
  • for my job 
  • that I don't give up in achieving what I want
  • that I am strong enough to make changes (one of the hardest decisions in my life) knowing that things will be worse, before they get better....and a lot of pain will aspire.
  • for the things I have learned along the way on this crazy path of mine
  • to have people around me who laugh WITH me  
  • for my friends in their own special ways 
  • for my family in THEIR own special ways.
  • to have met some new people that touched my heart in amazing ways this last year
  • for my mom who has been my #1 fan and my best friend more now than ever
I am also grateful for you..... to care enough about me to read this and discover what makes me who I am.  

Monday, June 25, 2012

Today's day

 I love this piece today, yet it has a completely different meaning than it may for most. I see it as the light that we all live for, the serene moments, the positive energy that keeps us going.  It then brushes down into a darker day.  I'd use this as an hourglass, flip it upside down and turn it over to rush into the light again. 

*thinking of a dear friend and her son ( that was featured on this blog over a year  ago   .  Hoping for a miracle.  

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The artist.

Creating a lifestyle.  It's art. 

Artists and musicians create  pieces that pull emotions and reactions out when someone is in the presence of the piece. The artist created it with a sense of emotion and let the piece drift to the minds of someone else. 

I am a lifestyle artist. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

time to meet.

Hey all!

Thanks for being a part of my web-life. :)

I would love for you to head on over to my

House of Josephine Blog


It inspires me to write and post more knowing that people are counting on me.
Go ahead, shake hands.

Let me introduce you meet a favorite reader of mine.

Thanks for the support.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year.... been a while

With the anticipation of all the new changes that 2012 will bring for me, I have made a list of tasks I can do to prep for a positive new year.

  • Call all billing companies and set up automatic withdrawl and paperless: I like to procrastinate a bit. This will allow my stess level to be a bit more minimal. :)

  • Back up computer: Save all those photos and documents that can easily disappear if they are not saved in another location.

  • Sign up for a local farm delivery system: fresh and local fruits and veggies at my doorstep every week! Seriously look into it. So worth it.

  • Buy a Juicer: start getting the pure nutrients of raw fruit and veggies! The best thing you could possibly do for your body!

  • Buy a scale: numbers are a reality! Keep focused.

    What are some ways you will be starting the New Year to help you achieve your goals for a more positive life?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

right on time.

If you know me personally, you know that I will do something when I set my mind to it and when the time is right FOR ME.

It may be becoming a vegetarian at age 10, going back to school at 24, or even buying my own condo well, right before the market crashed down on us, or just even changing my hair from platinum blonde to the darkest shade of brown. I contemplate these ideas over and over. I mention them to people around me and take the criticism/support/love/jealousy/sassy remarks/. I center myself and do what I wanted to do from the beginning.

The things I want to do next in life, are exciting. I can't wait! But instead of allowing the delay of these to just sit and weigh on my mind, Im going to jump in!

The time is RIGHT.

What about you? How do you let your mind react to ideas or deams you have? I would love to hear any tips or stories from my readers.